Montego Roast, by Jamaican My Coffee

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because our beans are grown in a rainforest and at high altitudes, they retain a high water content throughout the roasting process. The Beans can be roasted for longer periods to bring out the most flavors.  Our Negril Roast is pulled from the heat just before the last of these flavors Pop, giving us a medium roast with subtle reserves of all that makes blue mountain coffee great 

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8 OZ
Our Montego Roast is the lightest of our roast   Don’t be fooled, contrary to the popular beliefs lightly roasted coffee is stronger than the darker roasts leaving more antioxidants for faster metabolic action in the brew   Don’t forget that taste and flavor is always up and running in every single cup.

It’s Blue Mountain Coffee

To ensure freshness we roast, grind and package all our coffee including our
K2.0 single cups in our own facility. The real lovers of our Specialty
coffee prefer their beans whole, nevertheless, we offer different grind sizes to suit
the brewing methods:
1. Course — For Plunger Pot, French Press, Percolator, Vacuum Coffee Pot
2. Medium– Drip Coffee Makers with flat bottom filters (Blum, Bloomfield, etc)
3. Fine—    Drip Coffee Makers with cone-shaped filters ( Krups, Cuisinart, etc)
4. Extra Fine— Espresso Machine —Pump Espresso Machines –Steam
5. Turkish —- Ibik